We specialize in Level Gauging and Tank Monitoring System.

ダミーSEMCO has been providing total support for level detection and control. With technology and know-how gained through experiences, SEMCO is able to able to solve several problems that customer may have.

For example, “liquid level” to detect and control can be of any kind, with high/low viscosity, high/low specific gravity etc...
Accordingly, when considering measuring method, there is the most appropriate type and product to measure the medium.

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This is an example of a system installed in a cargo ship.

Fuel levels measured by float type and pressure type level transmitters are remotely monitored, and level alarms are activated by level switches. Both levels and alarms are displayed in the panel. SEMCO is able to propose such systems optimal to the clients' needs and application with an understanding of desired outcome.

From supply of independent sensor to a proposal of total system, SEMCO is able to provide products to meet every client's expectation.

SEMCO takes pride in being the leading provider of level instruments for shipbuilding industry, but our technology can be of beneficial to level detection and control in other industries.

Tank Monitoring System Product Information

Level Indicators

Float Type Level Indicator



PCT(A) + Guide Rail


Magnet Float Type




Pressure Type Level Indicator



Radar Type Level Indicator

P Series


Glass Type Level Indicator

Air Purging System


Smart Sounding Scale "Honesty"


Level Switch






Water Ingress Alarm System and Dewatering System


Flow Indicator