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Float Type Level Indicator Fig.6000

Fig.6000 image1Float Type Level Indicator Fig.6000 is the definitive edition of level gauging and monitoring, and it is SEMCO’s leading product.
The float on a liquid surface is connected to the indicator with wire, and continuously detect the liquid level.
This product has already been standardized in shipbuilding industry, but it can be used for various purposes and installation condition in other industries as well.

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Features   Benefits

Mechanical and simple structure

Robust and solid
Easy maintenance

No air or electrical power supply needed

Saving energy, Economical

Compact Size

Saving and standardizing installation time and energy

Max.4 adjustable contact points can be equipped

Easy change of contact position and replacement

Various installation types

Reduce hazardous work and work load

4-20mA analogue transmitter can be provided optionally

Enables remote monitoring Enables PC control