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Level Switch

Detect the liquid in a tank at a certain level, and transmit signals for alarms and pump operation.


FSH imageHorizontal type level switch has a magnet at the end of a shaft, and it activates the micro switch built inside the terminal box and locate the level of liquid.
Two magnets are completely detached by flange.

Features   Benefits

Simple structure

Easy handling

Compact size, light weight

Easy installation

Various sizes and materials

Wide application for several liquid


縦型(FSV) imageVertical type level switch FSV has a magnet built in the float and reed a switch set inside the stem. The switch is turned on and off according to the movement of float.
The two stoppers located above and below the float enable to limit the range of float movement.

Features   Benefits

Simple structure

Easy handling

Max.4 contact points

Multiple level alarms can be set with one unit of level switch.