RECRUIT PICSEMCO manufactures and supplies "Tank Level Control and Monitoring Systttems" for such fuel oil, drinking water etc.

SEMCO products are used in such industries as shipbuilding,offshore,power plant, food,and environment, and have a large market share especially in shipbuilding uin Japan. SEMCO products are installed in vessels sailing around the world.

SEMCO aims to be a unique organization.
Not being fixed on the idea,SEMCO makes use of technical information around the world, and develops products to meet the requirement of clients.

SEMCO continues to develop products with new concepts for various field and industries that nobody has ever created.

Work Style

Work Style PICSEMCO manufactures in the way that accepts good things quickly even if it is against common knowledge or old custom.

SEMCO is proud of its strong teamwork as discussions are made including new staff, executive members and president.
In the meeting, not only the attendants carry out their own tasks,but also they understand the work of related departments and section, and everyone offers an opinion from different point of view to reach the same goal.
These team discussions lead to SEMCO's new idea that cannot be created by the effort of indivisuals.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance PICSEMCO achieved its holidays of 153 days in 2013.

SEMCO members spend these holidays to improve themselves, for example,self-develepment,spending time with family or friends, and traveling based on the idea that these opportunities makes the life healthy and fulfilled.

Training System

Training System PICSEMCO provides several trainings such as English, sales, purchase etc., which are not learned from regular business.

In those trainings, SEMCO creates an opportunity to enhance self-growth, and solve communication gap between staff members. President and executive members join most of these trainings, and learn together with SEMCO staff members.

The creation of ideal corporate culture is still under way, but SEMCO is sure that when these corporate advantages lead to the creation of products with true value.
SEMCO is looking forward to new members with logical thinking and profound thoughts to join our team.

Recruitment Information