VISIONVISION Our Way of Thinking



Mr. Soda

01.SEMCO Vision

The SEMCO Vision was formulated in 2018.

Mr. SodaSoda:
Having reached the time of our second founding, we returned to where we started and considered what we should be working to accomplish and what we need to do for that purpose.
The SEMCO Vision decides our code of behavior, and identifies guidelines for the president, management, and each division. Study sessions related to the vision are held regularly so that all employees can share the same sense of values and apply them in their daily work. As you can see from the origin of the SEMCO name (Saving Energy and Manpower Corporation), our primary focus is the power of people. Here when we say “people,” we mean people who make use of their originality and accept new challenges without ever giving up. They combine their strengths to produce results, and as a team they can contribute to our customers and to society.

You have mentioned the importance of team play many times, haven’t you?

From the time of its founding, SEMCO has supported the manufacturing industry as a group of professionals, though small in size.What we needed was not a single star player but rather a team that can respond flexibly. We have created a system which utilizes the unique character of each individual while also allowing us to support one another at any time because we cannot have our operations come to a stop when one person is unavailable.

One of your employees told me that he was happy to experience a company where people help one another and they can be of service to others.

Soda:That makes me happy.
Being able to exercise one’s abilities to the fullest without being restrained by frameworks, striving to be of service to others, and producing results are all consistent with the SEMCO Spirit.

02.SEMCO Vision

The SEMCO Vision also identifies another important pillar of the company’s business.

That is being a company which sparks innovations in the industry and in society. Even now, the industry is overrun with price negotiations.
The discussion is about price even before proposing the value.Under those conditions, it is hard to know what we are even working for. There is no source of motivation.
When I look at the shipbuilding industries in other countries, I see that progress has been made in systemization, and that the atmosphere encourages the creation of new products from the perspective of the buyer. Our company is tuned to global changes, and we understand that we must reinforce our strength as a team in order to support manufacturing in Japan.
As a group of professionals, we want to return to the venture spirit of creating “Something New” from the time of our founding, and maintain high motivation for creating new innovations. I believe that this will lead to helping our customer and even contributing to society.
Through SEMCO advanced technical capabilities and services, we will continue to be a company that provides “benefits for all three sides, benefits for the world. ”This is also a source of SEMCO pride.
I ask for your continued support.

03.Working styles and growth opportunities
for each life stage

SEMCO has the top market share, and it also is leading the industry in working styles, isn’t it?

We have established a variety of systems so that both men and women can make best use of their abilities according to their life stage and family circumstances. Naturally we provide childbirth and child care leave for women employees, and I believe that the concept of balancing work and private life is widely recognized here.
For example, regarding working styles for women, SEMCO is unusual in the industry for having more than 50% women employees. I think that this shows we have naturally created an environment that is easy for women to work in. The foundation of this is the corporate culture which we have created and which promotes mutual understanding and assistance. We also have women in management positions, and have prepared opportunities to accept new challenges for anyone who has the proper motivation. There are also opportunities for hourly wage employees to be promoted to full time employees.

I often hear from employees that they feel the company gives them opportunities to grow.

In addition to OJT, we also conduct training and study meetings in order to be a learning organization. We have also introduced a coaching system and are working to keep the organization fresh and vital. This is quite unusual for a manufacturer of our size.
In fact, while it would be faster to assign quotas in order to create sales, and it would be easier for management to simply give orders, this would not lead to growth. I believe it is important for each person to think for themselves about what he or she can do to accomplish a goal, and then to take action. This is what allows them to expand their own potential.

I heard that you also acquired a coaching qualification.

Yes, and I put it to full use every day in our organization. When somebody faces a problems, I utilize coaching methods to help that person find a solution. This also allows us to understand the particulars of each employee’s thinking and actions, allowing more suitable assignments and ensuring that we have the best person for every position.



“Creating Something New” means producing and giving shape to something which did not exist in the world before.
This does not mean simply providing the existing products and systems of our company; it means utilizing our company’s experience, technical products, and systems based on customer needs to produce something which did not exist before.This is not something that is done by a single company on its own. It is done through cooperative creation instead of competition with customers and members of the industry, and expands the creative circle around the world.


[Social Innovation]

Through our core business, and working together with global partners,
we will work to resolve the issues facing society and
be a company that contributes to the world.



A corporation = People

A corporation is nothing without its people. People are important. People form the core of a corporation.
SEMCO aims to utilize manufacturing to achieve goals that people had given up on, and in so doing to revitalize people and organizations.

  • Revitalizing people
    and organizations
  • Changing people’s thinking and
    changing the world
  • A vibrant, energetic, motivating,
    and fulfilling world


By forming global-scale partnerships,
we will utilize our skills
and experience and work together to solve issues around the world.

CORPORATE NAMEOrigin of the Corporate Name

"Saving Energy
Manpower Corporation"

Saving Energy
Making people happy with energy savings and higher efficiency,
and with the safety and security that comes as a result
Using our shared knowledge and intellects
with our partners to cooperatively create new value
Contributing to the world by utilizing the teamwork strength of the entire organization