VISIONOur Way of Thinking

SEMCO’s Efforts

About CSR
(corporate social responsibility)

The SEMCO vision is
“Creating Something New and Expanding Together.”
We recognize that making sure all employees understand this vision
and enshrine it as the foundation of their actions is a form of CSR
for our company as we carry out our business activities.

Company’s R&D Efforts

  1. Creating Something New: We put information from around the world to the best use and give shape to something that did not exist in the industry before.
  2. Expanding Together: Rather than working entirely on our own, we achieve better solutions by collaborating with other companies including customers and suppliers.

Based on this approach, we do not simply work to sell the products that we already have. We are continually conducting new research and development aimed at providing solutions to customers, industries, and the world.
As a result, the support of our customers has given us the top share in the industry, and our products are sold to a large number of shipyards across Japan.
Following are some typical examples of these products.

  • Box-shape float type level indicator
    The development of this box-shape level indicator resulted in an improved working environment for ship crews.
    Before this product was developed, the level indicators installed on a tank consisted of a glass type level indicator or a counterbalanced weight and float level indicator that was the same height as the tank. For example if the tank was 10 m tall, the indicator was also 10 m tall. Crew members had to climb a ladder in order to check the liquid level.The development of this box-shape level indicator allows crew members to safely and efficiently check the liquid level.
    Now, these level indicators are used by nearly all shipyards in Japan, and have become the standards for the Japan shipbuilding industry.
  • Portable level indicator
    There is the risk of damage to the company if fuel measurement work is not performed quickly and accurately. For this reason, it used to be heavy labor that involved a lot of pressure on the crew.Moreover, in recent years environmental regulations have resulted in growing use of MGO (marine gas oil) and other highly transparent fuels, and more time than before is required for measurement. During fueling, the fuel also bubbles like a cappuccino, raising the level. As a result, there were increasing cases of being overcharged for fuel costs. These are the reasons why we developed this level indicator. It can be used to read ullage quickly and accurately by simple operations, and makes crews happy by reducing their workloads.

Efforts for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are an action plan which is being carried out on a global scale, aiming to eliminate poverty and inequality based on the principle of leaving nobody behind. The SDGs were adopted at a UN summit in September 2015, and present targets to be achieved by the 193 UN member nations during the 15 years from 2016 to 2030. They prescribe 17 goals including “Poverty” and “Climate change” and 169 targets, and are positioned as objectives which are shared by the entire global community.

  • 5. Gender Equality

    5. Gender Equality
    • More than 50% of our employees are women. We are also working to promote women to management positions.
    • We actively recruit members of the child-raising generation, and hire senior citizens.
  • 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

    8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
    • We are constructing a system for flexible working styles that consider work-life balance, including short-hours employees, flexible working hours, and working from home.
    • The number of annual days off is 136. We have achieved a nearly 100% rate for use of paid leave days.
    • Our company conducts training that includes coaching in order to develop the potential of each individual. We also hold frequent study meetings.
  • 14. Life Below Water

    14. Life Below Water
    • Our products include level indicators that allow operators to check the liquid level at eye height, products that sound an alarm when the hull is damaged and there is seawater ingress, and products that issue an alarm before oil overflow occurs. We are developing products that will prevent accidents and help to preserve the environment and safety.
  • 16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

    16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
    • We are carrying out a program that collects plastic bottle caps and exchanges them for vaccines.
    • We also sort waste and are reducing the amounts of paper cups that we use.
    • LED lights are used for lighting within the company.
    • We carefully check the legal compliance of subcontractors and other parties.